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YESTERDAY Official Trailer (2019) Lilly James, Danny Boyle Movie HD

YESTERDAY Official Trailer (2019) Lilly James, Ed Sheeran Movie HD
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  • concept974

    This plot is very similar to the one of a french movie made in 2006 and called "Jean-Philippe" (which is the real name of a french iconic singer known as "Johnny Hallyday"). Here you are :

    3 години тому
  • gunslinger6shot

    "It should be called Hey Dude." OMG! that is some funny ass shit there now. And probably spot on if this scenario was possible. So now there is one movie on my must see list for this year.

    2 дні тому
  • Cristian Baeza
    Cristian Baeza

    LOOOOL I so wanna see it!! xD

    2 дні тому
  • Halo James
    Halo James


    3 дні тому
  • GraceMiChang

    I REALLY want to watch this. REALLY. I wish it was June already.

    4 дні тому
  • Nautilus1972

    He had me until "From the creator of Love, Actually" ....

    4 дні тому
  • Nautilus1972

    Children today DON't know the Beatles.

    4 дні тому
  • LC

    Why isnt his name in the title or in the description?????!

    4 дні тому
  • allif rodrigues
    allif rodrigues

    He sounds better than Beatles hands down.

    4 дні тому
  • Aeyoo Rubino
    Aeyoo Rubino

    After BoRap Cant wait for this

    5 днів тому
  • ChocolatBownie


    5 днів тому
  • Linalan

    The Beatles Mandela Effect: The Movie.

    6 днів тому
  • TheWonderAnthem

    But if there were no Beatles, somebody has to be the Beatles instead for modern music to have evolved the same way.

    9 днів тому
  • Thomas Cunningham
    Thomas Cunningham

    inter-dimensional plagiarism. the movie.

    10 днів тому
  • TheAppleBitingJuggler !
    TheAppleBitingJuggler !

    Wonder what Paul & Ringo think of this film!

    10 днів тому
  • TheAppleBitingJuggler !
    TheAppleBitingJuggler !


    10 днів тому
  • jinneemagic302

    So this is what could happen when the Mandela Effect effects you.

    10 днів тому
  • Mai Phương Hoàng
    Mai Phương Hoàng

    Hey dude~~~

    10 днів тому
  • Bert R
    Bert R

    woah.. a world without The Beatles.. actually I clicked because of Lilly James...

    10 днів тому
  • Vimlesh Govender
    Vimlesh Govender

    I love the fact that they went for a normal brown skinned lead and not some fair brown skinned's something new

    12 днів тому
  • mohd faizin al-fateh
    mohd faizin al-fateh

    Can't wait to listen to the song 'Hey Dude'!

    12 днів тому
  • amdadul islam
    amdadul islam

    This is awesome...refreshing... Loved it.

    12 днів тому
  • Joe Garza
    Joe Garza

    This movies looks awesome! Kinda stoked for it!

    13 днів тому
  • Yusuf Morsi
    Yusuf Morsi

    Jellyfish Fields Forever

    17 днів тому
  • Mike Zip
    Mike Zip

    Now if we could just have a world without Justin Berber

    17 днів тому
  • edjucat

    I actually work with some idiot twentysomething girls who have not heard of the Beatles, and a few that have heard of them think they suck. SMH.

    18 днів тому
  • MGB Rivia
    MGB Rivia

    There is an actual manga with similar premise and its been out there for years, but it takes forever for an update. So I'm going to watch this

    19 днів тому
  • kateemma22

    Who came up with this?! It’s amazing. Someone legit went ‘what about an alternate universe where, now hear me out, The Beatles never existed’ and other people loved it! Movie industry... welcome back!

    19 днів тому
  • Phil Laird
    Phil Laird

    I can't wait to see this movie.

    19 днів тому
  • conor

    Do Wings still exist in this alternative universe ?

    19 днів тому
  • Людмила Исакова
    Людмила Исакова

    Смешно, но в общем-то интересно, что же там придумали сценаристы. Хотя не верю в то, что фильм действительно стоящий. Буду смотреть только ради песен.

    19 днів тому
  • Imma Smiler
    Imma Smiler

    *wow the concept is genius!*

    20 днів тому
  • frankoFONIA - francuski od podstaw
    frankoFONIA - francuski od podstaw

    2:38 amazing, a trailer that doesn't reveal the plot and actually keeps the surprises for the movie!

    20 днів тому
  • Lynne Loftis
    Lynne Loftis

    Totally looking forward to this movie!!

    20 днів тому
  • Milton Jenkins
    Milton Jenkins

    Excellent, exciting concept. And the soundtrack sells itself.

    20 днів тому
  • Victoria Lak
    Victoria Lak

    I’ve been a fan of The Beatles since I was nine years old. I am so excited to see this ;)

    21 день тому
  • Heather Helene Barr
    Heather Helene Barr

    This is a remake of a french movie called Jean-Phillipe. An uber Johnny fan wakes up and Johnny Hallyday never existed - its a good movie... but I'll admit this version looks good as well.

    22 дні тому
  • frankoFONIA - francuski od podstaw
    frankoFONIA - francuski od podstaw

    wow, thanks so much for the tip! I'm going to watch it:)

    20 днів тому
  • Timea Farr
    Timea Farr

    hey dude, doody doody doody

    22 дні тому
  • Pedro Henriques
    Pedro Henriques

    I thought it would be a Beatles movie but then I was shocked

    23 дні тому
  • Angel DeJesus
    Angel DeJesus

    Spoiler: in the end, he wakes up from a dream.

    23 дні тому
  • Max Gretinski
    Max Gretinski

    The premise confuses me. A. If "no one remembers" the Beatles, but they did all of the things that they did, then all the Lennon-McCartney songs are copyright to them, and their records are still available, etc.. It would seem to me that even if no one REMEMBERED the Beatles, they could easily learn about them. The premise seems to be implying that they were wiped from existence, but that would have far-reaching consequences. B. If the Beatles never recorded any of their music, then NO ARTIST influenced by the Beatles ever did anything that we now think they did. There was no British Invasion, possibly no Folk-Rock movement (since it began in the UK with a host of British groups who made it in America because of the Invasion), and possibly no British blues revival (Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Clapton, etc.). Without the Beatles to compete with, the Beach Boys never bothered answering Rubber Soul with Pet Sounds. The pop/rock progressive movement was also strongly Beatles influenced, as were tremendously-successful bands like Queen. Members of the Beatles had actively promoted Jimi Hendrix; what if he never went to Monterey? And without Hendrix and the blues movement, perhaps there was no heavy metal. Tom Jones and Engelbert Humperdinck might be the greatest British musical exports! If the Beatles never existed, then were no pop/rock artists successful in breaking away from the Industry while still remaining popular? Before them, very few artists had full creative control over their material -- and most who did were not very popular from 1964 to 1967. Was "long" hair never acceptable for men? Were there no "rock concept albums" or "rock operas?" Were music videos simply a fad from 1959 to 1965 -- a mere substitute for appearing live on someone's TV program? Did ADT (artificial/automatic double tracking) never get invented? What would have happened to the British economy if the sales of Beatles records hadn't contributed so greatly to it that they were awarded MBEs? Would the ISKCON (Hare Krishna) movement have died out in the mid-sixties without George Harrison to fund them? The Beatles were the first band to require (by contract) that every facility that they played in be integrated, and they worked with integrated crews. They were "big enough" to make that decision. I wonder whether the movie will go far enough in examining what changes there would be if there had been no Beatles.

    23 дні тому
  • Avery Christy
    Avery Christy

    This actually seems like a nice spin on 'wish i was never born' genre. Seems fresh and worth watching.

    23 дні тому
  • Oh Wow lemos
    Oh Wow lemos

    "Hey dude"

    24 дні тому
  • Makayla Krawczyk
    Makayla Krawczyk


    24 дні тому
  • MasterDerp1337 -
    MasterDerp1337 -

    he might be in a coma

    24 дні тому
  • Claire Maitre
    Claire Maitre

    A copy of French film Jean Philippe ... no originality

    24 дні тому
  • Master Chevvy
    Master Chevvy

    PC culture aside, wouldn't it be better if the main character was white? Just an opinion..

    24 дні тому
  • Winstxn music
    Winstxn music

    So he just copied the beetles😂😂😂

    24 дні тому
  • Painappuru Purinsesu
    Painappuru Purinsesu

    Can't believe it !!!! I thought of a plot like this years ago !!! omfg

    24 дні тому
  • ToneGarvey

    Eh, has nobody here seen Goodnight Sweetheart??

    25 днів тому
  • Karma

    "I want you to write SOMETHING right now" *writes "Something".... I cannot wait to see this movie. Please God let it be as good as it looks!

    25 днів тому
  • Emmy K
    Emmy K

    this sounds like a kdrama premise XD

    26 днів тому
  • Robert Tinsley
    Robert Tinsley

    Looks fantastic, like a romantic comedy for dudes

    26 днів тому
  • Ann George
    Ann George

    Idk why but i watch this everyday....

    26 днів тому
  • HuggiMa

    but how does a blackout cause everyone to forget who the Beatles were?

    27 днів тому
  • Springbok295

    Alternate realities,.........I'm all in.

    27 днів тому
  • rlty_eng

    Wow, look at that. A Musical Isekai.

    27 днів тому
  • Cxcus

    so it would suck if he were in a coma the whole time...

    27 днів тому
  • James Alexander
    James Alexander

    I had a dream once that I had a band and went back in time to the Elizabethan Era and Played 60's 70's and 80's Music to them .... And they Loved it! Especially Tears for Fears! .... Even Elizabeth I was Rockin'!

    27 днів тому
  • sanbilge

    I would normally be very interested in seeing such a movie, but now that I have seen all of it in the trailer and I know 93% of the plot points, I won't see the movie. Too bad, you lost a potential viewer.

    27 днів тому
  • Adriana Lynch
    Adriana Lynch

    Count me in!!

    27 днів тому
  • tetrulz jam
    tetrulz jam

    Omg I am not even kidding I used to daydream about this exact situation lol. Time to sue someone.

    27 днів тому
  • Tianaz Bryant
    Tianaz Bryant

    Interesting. Im not sure what i would do. Personal id still know it was stealing

    28 днів тому
  • 3m0_Wr3ck

    eww the pukels #earblood

    28 днів тому
  • Monique Amado - Artist & Life Coach
    Monique Amado - Artist & Life Coach

    What a brilliant premise! Can't wait to see it.

    28 днів тому
  • Phulen

    Now this seems legit,im sold

    28 днів тому
  • Miss Scalia
    Miss Scalia

    Jesus I always think that. I always tell my friends “what if I went back in time when a famous singer was not famous and steal their songs”

    28 днів тому
  • Michael Nance
    Michael Nance

    Wow, this looks good. Of course the trailers usually pick out the best in the scenes to lure you in. I hope I'm not disappointed since I rarely go "to the movies". Glad to see something other than stupid fight movies, car chase movies, or superhero movies trying desperately to squeeze every ounce for remake after remake.

    28 днів тому
  • Yoo Toob
    Yoo Toob

    Great cast, brilliant premise, solid director... my only question is how the rights to the Beatles songbook was obtained and will a soundtrack contain covers of all the tunes?

    29 днів тому
  • Alie

    send vegene & bob

    29 днів тому
  • Bonnie Skye
    Bonnie Skye

    Oh, Lily!

    29 днів тому
  • Danna’s Channel
    Danna’s Channel

    2:38 Paul and Ringo are soooo maad BAHAHAHA

    29 днів тому
  • Nat Auburn
    Nat Auburn

    Sorry to be a spoiler and total douchebag, but Thanos uses the Reality Stone at the end. Just putting it out there.

    29 днів тому
  • the remix gaming
    the remix gaming

    bro he travelled to another universe

    29 днів тому

    I want to waaaaaatch it

    29 днів тому
  • kettle chips
    kettle chips

    It's the dosa boy.

    29 днів тому
  • Willis Gohman
    Willis Gohman

    If only ed sheeran was not in a movie about good music.

    Місяць тому
  • Vaibhav Chopra
    Vaibhav Chopra

    Hey dude? I'm not going to forgive Ed for ruining the song for me

    Місяць тому
  • TheBobBrom

    Gary Sparrow called he wants his lies back

    Місяць тому
  • Phil Hurd
    Phil Hurd

    Wonderful. I’m in!

    Місяць тому
  • Stuart Champion
    Stuart Champion

    And then he finally fixes time and get's sued to death for Plagiarism.....THE END 😅

    Місяць тому
  • Peter Gerstenzang
    Peter Gerstenzang

    Almost all of them are McCartney songs. Gee, think Paul is on board? And no more celebrity cameos! Especially such a lame ass as Ed Sheeren.

    Місяць тому
  • fofi fofii
    fofi fofii

    nice concept!!

    Місяць тому
  • ducksrevil

    So excited for this movie-and the soundtrack! I’m assuming that’s his real singing voice and if so, I can’t wait to hear him cover all the Beatles songs!

    Місяць тому
  • Habeebah K
    Habeebah K

    oh my god TAMWAR yassssss

    Місяць тому
  • Life’s A Animation
    Life’s A Animation

    Here comes the sun Do do do do Here comes the sun When I say It’s all right

    Місяць тому
  • Life’s A Animation
    Life’s A Animation


    Місяць тому
  • Life’s A Animation
    Life’s A Animation

    Sing along *yesterday Love was such and easy game to play Now I need a place to hide away Oh yesterday came suddenly*

    Місяць тому
  • Life’s A Animation
    Life’s A Animation


    Місяць тому
  • s h i t
    s h i t

    Wasn't he in eastenders? Wow he's lucky most actors that go on eastenders don't really end up anywhere else

    Місяць тому
  • Me (No, not Ashildr, I had the name before Doctor Who, and I'm not changing it!)
    Me (No, not Ashildr, I had the name before Doctor Who, and I'm not changing it!)

    I really need to get my hands on a music history book of that alternate reality. Because I'm fairly certain that the world would be a whole lot different today if it wasn't for the Beatles. Who filled their spot?

    Місяць тому
  • Kristine Peters
    Kristine Peters

    So we get Bohemian Rhapsody and then this, what did we do to deserve this

    Місяць тому
  • Tamás Fábián
    Tamás Fábián

    Ahh okay I'm in :D

    Місяць тому
  • Pygmy Puff
    Pygmy Puff


    Місяць тому
  • keito17

    anyone wants to see how many takes it took to get scene with Hey Dude idea without laughing?

    Місяць тому
  • Ruth E
    Ruth E

    Weird. I'm into it.

    Місяць тому
  • Maryama Mohamed
    Maryama Mohamed


    Місяць тому
  • Krista Barcenas
    Krista Barcenas

    I wanna watch this so bad. Can’t wait

    Місяць тому
  • Bahar

    im so happy theres a brown lead actor (':

    Місяць тому
  • Brian White
    Brian White

    I simply cannot wait for this to come out, and haven't been this excited for a movie in quite a while! I will be there on opening day!

    Місяць тому