The Girl Who Lived With Vampires [GACHA PARODY]

An all new Gacha Life, Gachaverse, or Gacha Studio story!
She was just a small town girl living in a lonely world...
...and they were... VAMPIRES! But not just any vampires.... BOY VAMPIRES 😂
There's kissing and twinkies, it's crazy AF. Enjoy!
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====. * ・ 。゚☆ [Voice Actors] ☆。゚・* .====
★ Sylvanna - Michaela Laws:
★ Blaze - Jason Lord:
★ Gene - Alejandro:
★ Laurence - Sebastian:
★ Zane - Kestin:
★ Aaron - Jason Bravura:
★ Aphmau - potato.
#Gacha #Parody #Vampires


  • KhloeGames X
    KhloeGames X

    I can’t type at the live chat

    2 години тому
  • Corecraft Galaxy
    Corecraft Galaxy

    Omg power levels are bulls###

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    Gacha mimi

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    Night Reverse

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    moon rabbit yun

    These vampire's are so smart Hahahahahahhahaha

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  • moon rabbit yun
    moon rabbit yun

    Wow a poor child So poor * shows many apple gadgets * Wow DRAMA

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  • Rachel Souders
    Rachel Souders

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    8 годин тому
  • andrea v
    andrea v

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  • Mary Simmons
    Mary Simmons

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  • gamerdoggy 43
    gamerdoggy 43


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  • [wolfie]

    i just notice that amphua was in every video

    11 годин тому

    Temple of Time from Legend of Zelda BoTW

    11 годин тому
  • •Wolfy• Studios
    •Wolfy• Studios

    I thought they we’re gonna do dress and drag and do the hula

    12 годин тому
  • •Wolfy• Studios
    •Wolfy• Studios

    Why couldn’t the nose be ears so they die way faster

    12 годин тому
  • Della Abrams
    Della Abrams

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  • JaniiSUU

    "Oh no im dying." And Twinkies!!!

    12 годин тому
  • Mangle, Dangle, Tangle
    Mangle, Dangle, Tangle


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  • Katie Does Art💜ケイティんアート
    Katie Does Art💜ケイティんアート

    Diabolik Lovers Vibes

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  • Heather_Jaynexx

    Me: clicks on video because it looks interesting and I’ve never watched aphmau Me later: I wanna Twinkie now

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  • Xxgabby xX
    Xxgabby xX

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    Xxgabby xX

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  • Claudia Brannon
    Claudia Brannon

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  • Emma Gardiner
    Emma Gardiner

    Can I just say that there was 5 vampires in a church by many holy Crosses

    17 годин тому
  • super sarah
    super sarah

    I just thought this was gonna be a normal living with vampires I was wrong

    17 годин тому
  • Vivian Hoang
    Vivian Hoang

    She ate them.

    21 годину тому
  • FPSNerfboy

    wait a minute macbooks are expensive

    22 години тому
  • FPSNerfboy

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    dead inside

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    Unknown Clxud

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  • The Dark Angel Squad
    The Dark Angel Squad

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  • Itz Candyz Life
    Itz Candyz Life

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  • Eliza Kennedy Eliza Kennedy
    Eliza Kennedy Eliza Kennedy

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  • Jayla Lewis
    Jayla Lewis

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  • Christie Roper
    Christie Roper

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  • Gacha The solar system
    Gacha The solar system

    That’s so sad 😞 eat a twix

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  • Mary Murray
    Mary Murray

    This is the day I almost died from laughing again I mean how could he take you nose you had no nice in the first place lol 😄😄😄😄

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  • Gacha life's firend Hehee
    Gacha life's firend Hehee


    День тому
  • Billybobjoe Northwork
    Billybobjoe Northwork

    She just ate 4 vampires that died and turned into twinkies trying to bring the other ones back that tried to save her life.... f*** logic

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  • Tide Pods
    Tide Pods

    vampire jason: super hot? *YES*

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  • Billybobjoe Northwork
    Billybobjoe Northwork


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  • Billybobjoe Northwork
    Billybobjoe Northwork

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  • Andrea [Omega][girl]
    Andrea [Omega][girl]

    I love how sassy she isXD

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  • Jaden Erven
    Jaden Erven

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  • Joshua Hoffman
    Joshua Hoffman

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  • Sunset Wolf
    Sunset Wolf

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    Holli GAUDIN

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  • purplelove 13
    purplelove 13

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  • Alisa Wilson
    Alisa Wilson

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  • Titanwaves

    Gene: I was gonna marry her because she's hot and I'm desperate!! Me: SAME GENE

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  • SaphComments

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  • katerina zafeiropoulou
    katerina zafeiropoulou

    At the start she say she poor then were she find tha iphons?

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  • Unicorn Girl
    Unicorn Girl

    Lol The mom:here’s a Twinkie to help you sleep Aphmau:sleeps Me:hhhahhahaahahahahahahahhahhahahahahahahhahahahahhaahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahhahahahhah

    День тому

    😂 flipping great video

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  • InsaneWolf Foxeh
    InsaneWolf Foxeh

    She ate a vampire at the beginning then im guessing?

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  • Vidya Prasanth
    Vidya Prasanth

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    Gamer Pony

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    Sienna Semantha

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    ryan sichon

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  • Jaunie Jones
    Jaunie Jones

    That’s made me so sad XD a bit *14:01*

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  • Pheonix Chica
    Pheonix Chica

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    Mihaela Alblinger I need to see some 1 kill

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    Garyl The Binecorn

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  • Besties DoGymnastics
    Besties DoGymnastics

    Parents:What did u learn today? Me:Girls and teenagers can't live without Internet...... Parents:Your gonna be homeschooled now...

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  • Reanna Alvey
    Reanna Alvey

    I love this one because it reminds me of Diabolik Lovers lol

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  • Magical Eevee
    Magical Eevee

    Rip Aphmaus WiFi

    2 дні тому

    *Sylvana is really a terrible mother*

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  • Fiona Yangson
    Fiona Yangson


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  • hello it's sav and sam
    hello it's sav and sam

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    Ann Muutra

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    DJ blueberryking

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  • Cheche Cipriano
    Cheche Cipriano

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    Itz_Xenon Xox

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    Katycat Vlogz

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    Streaming Master

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    Magical girl Tsoy

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    Stario Gaming

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  • Arrington McElroy
    Arrington McElroy

    Zane was already a vampire in the first place he,also he likes Kawai Chan Aaron was just vampire Blaze is never going to be a vampire Gean and Aphmau is over Lawrence is just too darn sweet to be a vampire Aaron is already married to Aphmau And at least all of them hitt on Aphmau in high school

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  • the hacker
    the hacker

    WTF happend to all the old content that I loved so much lol

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    I like aphmau gachas because they have voice characters Also it’s funny because the got your nose part they don’t even have a nose lol

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    Why Sweets

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  • Lil Kawaii Eevee
    Lil Kawaii Eevee

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    muyuimi cutefox

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    shader corrupted creator

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