Everybody feels lonely sometimes. But only few of us are aware how important this feeling was for our ancestors - and that our modern world can turn it into something that really hurts us. Why do we feel this way and what can we do about it?
Books mentioned in the endcard:
'Emotional First Aid' by Guy Winch
'Loneliness' by John Cacioppo & William Patrick
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    Colby and Brennen

    Can you be my friend so I'm not lonely?

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    Mins Meals

    So many people needed to hear this

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    Daniel Lemziakov

    I’m no longer lonely 😊 If heaven watches over me, then my heart is at peace.

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    toby su

    What if u know that ur lonely and try to get time with friends but they exclude u from everything

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    Healthy Tip: Look up once and awhile.. the person/thing your looking for on your phone is standing right in front of you! 👍

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    lonelyness is the root of all evil think about it

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  • dora the explorer
    dora the explorer

    “If you feel lonely, you are lonely.” Welp.

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  • Seraphina Vasiliev
    Seraphina Vasiliev

    i wish i wasn't the one in here who's feeling about this ("seriously"), when i was a kid until maybe 11 or 13 years old i was totally like everyone else("you know, normal people") who likes to be in company, playing, talking and like to be in-touch by everybody("having normal affection y'know") but not until i joined a group of other teens in my same age of me or older. when i was 14 i got involved in a turmoil, a gang-war that unfortunately killing some of enemy gangs and my mates. 4 of those i honestly gonna say i did it... after that incident since today i started to become isolated and i don't even know why.. it all gone worst when i got bullied on rehab and school when i was a high school. i cant even fight back even i wanted to. i am also being called crazy or weirdo, i felt my mindset or myself fucked up.. very very fucked up.. i always wanted to be alone isolated even to my family and crying everyday sometimes in school. i also curse humanity as a mistaken being or some sort of that. i felt hatred to myself and everyone. after that when i was i college i attempted to commit in suicide. alone because i wanted this feeling to stop coz it's agonizing. i always gone hospitalized when i was 16 and 18 for attempting suicide. but now after to knew some "friends" again it kinda change ("a little"). but the pain still linger to myself.

    Годину тому
  • Octa

    It's going to be okay.

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    Some Random dude

    We need some fine ass hoes gents!

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  • Faisal Drees
    Faisal Drees

    "Decline invitations until the invitations stop". Sadly I master this.

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  • ChevyCherryz

    “You don’t have to be lonely to feel lonely” What I feel this is trying to emphasize is that you can be completely surrounded in a room full of people, and even be able to have conversations arise, but at the end of the day, if those people can’t connect with you, they might as well be not there at all.

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  • A crazy guy
    A crazy guy

    This is exactly my story

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    Summed up my school life.

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    kit Wai Lee


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    The animation of Kurzgesagt is getting better and better

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    Fuck this made me cRy

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  • CMDR Ashpoker
    CMDR Ashpoker

    I feel sadder after watching this :( totally found myself in 6:12-6:22 .... over 10y of trying, no progress. Maybe next time it'll be better (as i always tell myself this lie).

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  • Hasmet Habib
    Hasmet Habib


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  • Benjamin Miyazawa
    Benjamin Miyazawa

    Thank you so much for this. This video neatly explains my situation. I had some problems with transferring schools, and I spent around an year literally not talking to anyone at school and being the "weirdo" until I graduated. At high school, people were nice and tried to make friends with me but i pushed them away because of that 'defensive mode' thing mentioned in the video. I suppose I'll try to better my life by recognizing that people and their intentions aren't what my brain think they are.

    Годину тому
  • Christian Alamanni
    Christian Alamanni


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  • jaffar1234

    Out of curiosity, I want one of those who disliked the video to explain why did he dislike it?

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    U sick bastards need god! God helps with everything!!

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    SpectraFade S.F

    Trending #1

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  • C Lee
    C Lee

    I guess reading UA-stream comments can feed the biological need for connection

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    Russel Mallari

    Yeah i know

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  • RonitPlayz

    You can’t be lonely if you’re dead LOL

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  • Teeny TV
    Teeny TV

    Technology isolates us, and pretends that we are more connected. People are fake on the internet and we spend more time on it rather then with real people

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  • Mr Turbo
    Mr Turbo

    I don't even know if I'm lonely or if I'm just in a eternal existential crisis...

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  • I Hate Everything Is Good
    I Hate Everything Is Good

    Mr Turbo Same tho and it hurts,

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  • Anthony FC
    Anthony FC

    This is therapeutic... I'm glad you shined a light on this subject.

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  • ashton burgess
    ashton burgess

    Isn’t this unavoidable in the modern world

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  • DreamCreator

    im crying thank you

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    Phillip Han

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  • Teaddybear/ Buttertoastdrawing
    Teaddybear/ Buttertoastdrawing

    This was very useful and was a nice thing to watch even tho its about loneliness.

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  • Lia S.
    Lia S.

    kurzgesagt is unusually wholesome today

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  • turk mc turk
    turk mc turk

    this is why we should re- introduce co-living/co housing and re instate the "flock of a 100 people"

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    Trask Forge


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  • KawaiiKitty7G

    I had a dream where I tried reaching out to people giving them clues on how lonely I feel inside and that its eating me up not being able to express my self the way I'd want but they all don't actually SEE through me. I'm realizing now that it's my sad reality

    Годину тому
  • mechlabs0302

    Thank you so much for this video. Sociological studies like this are what bring us closer to being human.

    Годину тому
  • o d i
    o d i

    Ever since the end of freshman year in high school, my life has never been the same as before. I used to have a group of friends, whom I cherished deeply. I used to be surrounded by people. I used to be a part of the center of attention. However, as I progressed in life, I found everyone fading out one after the other. Rather than getting closer, some of us started having fights with one another, some decided to be too focused on their studies, a few had to change schools and stopped getting in touch, and the rest simply found another group of friends and forgot about their previous circle. They all went on with their lives, while I was left there with no one but myself. Back then, my loneliness was only at its peak. Now, I’m completely separated with literally no one to talk to or rely on. I have great and supportive parents, but I can’t talk to them about everything, since there’s a large gap in our ages and they can’t understand me like another teenager would. It’s been 2 years and i’m still a high school teenager going through more than just loneliness but anxiety and sometimes depression. I tend to feel stronger when i’m alone at home listening to music, doing school assignments, or playing something on my phone. The few activities that I do at home are like my own representation of alcohol to make me forget what my life has gotten to. But, going to school strips me off my confidence. Going to school always reminds me of my melancholy. School forces me to watch all those other kids having the fun of their lives, while I’m just there in my seat having nothing to do but eat my lunch, do my assignments, and observe others waiting for time to pass. Consequently, I’ve been missing a lot of school days just for the reason that I feel lonely and uneasy every time i get there. I tried to get out of my armor and attempted to get closer to new people, but all they do is nicely push me away and keep me out of things, maybe because it’s too late to get into an already complete group of friends when you’re a teenager. I went to parties and events, but I just can’t get myself to talk to anyone, especially because everyone else is with someone and i’m just by myself. I even tried to love, but that got me too vulnerable, making me suffer with an almost unbearable pain that I recently recovered myself from. With that happening, I decided to shut the door to my heart, because that’s the only way to survive a life like mine. I do try to be optimistic and tell myself that it’s only a phase of my life, that there’s a bright future ahead of me. However, at this point it became way too difficult to stick to that belief even if it’s true. It frightens my when I think that my time is running and i’m trapped in a loop where I wake up in the morning, go to school to feel awful, get home and do my homework, and then sleep to repeat the same thing the next day. I get those weird flashbacks of myself as a kid and feel sorry for him for turning his life into hell.

    Годину тому
  • that_one_girl

    I used to be bullied I moved and I made tons of friends at my new school but for some reason deep down I feel one day that being surrounded by my friends will soon be gone..people think I'm wierd for doing projects by myself when it's suppose to be group projects..I've just been used to being by myself so it feels wierd :/

    Годину тому
  • Brett Richardson
    Brett Richardson

    What a powerful video, good job! Social psychology is an amazing depthful field. I have to distance myself from HOW I feel to understand WHY sometimes.

    Годину тому
  • Bluu

    We're all lonely in this world. We just try everyday not to be i guess

    Годину тому

    I am lonely and i smoke cigarettes 4 packs a day

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  • Kyromera

    I'm a junior in high school, and I'm on my 3rd year of homeschooling, I grew up in a big school with alot of friends up until freshman year when my parents said I could take homeschooling, being the type of person who hates school I said fuck yeah. After 1 year of homeschooling I stopped talking to all my friends and lost contact with them, the 1st year was fine since I liked being alone and was happy about not going to school even tho I felt lonely sometimes. 2nd year came and things kind of took a dark turn, I stayed in my house all day because I lived out in the country, didnt have a license and I also had no friends, I ended up meeting someone online on a game and we slowly became best friends, we played alot of games together all the time, mainly gta. She was the only friend I had and after over a year of being friends her boyfriend said she isnt really allowed to talk to me anymore, she ignored me for 3 weeks before saying anything about it and ended up blocking me and resenting me. When this happened I didnt really know what to do with myself, I got stabbed in the back and left in a ditch to rot by the person I cared about most, so I wanted to go back to public school so I could see my old friends again and fix the emptiness in my heart. But we ended up moving to a new city so I wasn't able to go back to my old school. So here I am, 17 yrs old with no irl friends besides my brothers who have all moved out, I've had my best friend from public school commit suicide and I got to see his dead body in a casket(you could see the stitches where he shot himself), I stay inside all day, the only ppl i see in the flesh are my parents, I'm heartbroken, I'm lonely, I'm to shy to want to go to a new public school, and I'm to fucking dead inside to wanna try and make a change. Ain't life a bitch 😑🤷‍♂️ Life advice, dont take homeschooling. And Katie or XxMExX--(ps4) if you're somehow seeing this, fuck you 🖕

    Годину тому
  • Hououin Kyouma
    Hououin Kyouma

    Any girl? Wanna fill our voids?

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  • buk lau
    buk lau

    I never feel loneliness because i love UA-stream and my friends live in it

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  • pigsareit

    made me feel even more lonely watching this. good topic though.

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  • Karl Heino Reitzig
    Karl Heino Reitzig

    Ugh when people use evolution to try explain psychology 🙄 lazy and stupid really

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  • I Hate Everything Is Good
    I Hate Everything Is Good

    Karl Heino Reitzig wym? I mean please give me another reason for psychological attributes?

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  • GamingAndAnimate

    Social Anxiety...

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  • Ron Burgundy
    Ron Burgundy

    I don't have one single friend. No one I hang out with at all. I have a family and everything, but I still feel lonely. I don't have a problem being alone, it's the fact that the people you love make you feel like you're alone. That's the difficult part of it.

    Годину тому
  • Bruce Tennyson
    Bruce Tennyson

    This is Kurzgesagt’s best video...and they are all great

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  • Hooweee

    Very nice video guys! Make me feel better after watching.

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  • Throttle Kitty
    Throttle Kitty

    If you want to understand loneliness, just watch Bojack Horseman!

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  • Jobe Crooks
    Jobe Crooks

    This video really came at the right time for me - I’ve been struggling with this over the past few months - Thank you!

    Годину тому
  • Nikole Powell
    Nikole Powell

    thanks, not even lonely and now i want to die

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  • NismoFury

    Throw race build and money into the mix and it becomes harder.

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  • Amaan sinaan
    Amaan sinaan

    Oh how I can relate to this.

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  • Gary Steahr
    Gary Steahr

    Did You go to the Bathroom In the guest Room ?!?

    Годину тому

    I needed this.

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  • bobbybob

    i never feel lonely though.....and people think i'm a mute most of the time.......and I have no true social media

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  • 235azrael

    What if you like being lonely?

    Годину тому
  • NismoFury

    Now do a video about finding good people.

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  • Nostro

    I'm lonely because i have an insufferable personality, or so I've been told by friends.

    Годину тому
  • Nostro

    They also avoid me

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  • Jooeym

    I definitely have extreme loneliness

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  • Katsu

    >Video titled loneliness >Is currently #1 trending video on UA-stream Seems legit

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  • Cosisgaming

    Follow @yoinkedcircumsision on instagram

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  • Cosisgaming

    Follow @yoinkedcircumsision on instagram

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  • Shehnaaz Firdous
    Shehnaaz Firdous

    I am SO glad I got to see this video. We need more videos that spread positivity and discuss how to live a healthy lifestyle.

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  • Alysha Smith
    Alysha Smith

    Sad 😔

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  • Witchcraft 11
    Witchcraft 11

    Because west are more individualist. My asian friends who lives there said that too.. Culture shock.

    Годину тому
  • Helvathex

    TLDR: I meet and talk with dozens of new people every month and I still feel lonely. Im a student attending Purdue University and I'm from NJ and I've had loneliness ever since I got here (I'm a freshman in second semester). I thought that joining clubs would help with making friends, but it really hasn't. I've joined gymnastics, Filipino club, and outdoors club and I still feel lonely. I'm also very extroverted and sit down with random people everytime I eat a meal at a dining hall just so I could meet new people. In the end though, what I've realized is it's not the quantity of friends, but the quality of friends that you have. With all the friends (acquaintences, really) that I've made at Purdue, nobody is as genuine or entertaining or weird as my friends back home. It seems like all people in college just like to drink and get wasted in order to really get themselves out of their shell, but if they're sober then they're boring introverts that will always just kill the vibe. Idk, I just hope I can find someone as crazy as my friends back in NJ. Everyone here at Purdue is very quiet and boring. I feel like I don't fit in here at all. I'm not into doing drugs, I'm not a big party person, I have lots of hobbies (most ppl I meet have no hobbies and just stay at home binge watching TV), and I'm a truly hype, crazy, wild person. Like whenever I will be freestyling on a rap beat in public ppl look at me weird, but if I did that shit in NJ/NYC I bet a million dollars everyone around me would be hyping me up and getting lit. I miss NJ. I miss my home and my friends.

    Годину тому
  • your mother
    your mother

    I like how this is #1 Trending

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  • Alex Hndr
    Alex Hndr

    Possibly the most humane Kurzgesagt episode ever..

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  • Ma. Isabel Javier
    Ma. Isabel Javier

    Most saddest vid i ever seen. (╥_╥)(╥_╥)

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  • Erik B
    Erik B

    Just drink and sniff coke everything goes away instantly

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  • tranjess

    Funny how this video was posted on my birthday. I felt the loneliest today despite being surrounded by friends and family.

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  • Bot Luna
    Bot Luna

    who here is still feeling lonely even though you have friends you hang out with...?

    Годину тому
  • ZimZon

    ive just accepted my loneliness tried so often to connect with others in the first weeks of a new friendship its going extremely well and after a certain amount of time they dont want to do anything with me just losing interest out of nowhere I guess I am just boring

    Годину тому
  • Mister Jaroslav
    Mister Jaroslav

    Talking about bad things make people feel bad. Talk about loneliness and all around will feel lonely. 🤓

    Годину тому
  • Tri Tang
    Tri Tang

    Wow... true

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  • Wooze Down
    Wooze Down

    I get lonely because my friends keeps backstabbing me..... ..... ..(._.)

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  • Mass Debator
    Mass Debator

    a good video on trending for once.

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  • B M
    B M

    In grade 10 I realized all the people I called my friends really weren’t. Hit me hard. Stopped wasting my time with them and focused more on myself, though it’s been hard and has not been going well. Not having friends fucking sucks and trying to make friends sucks as well.

    Годину тому
  • CatchPhase

    I was in this circle for a while during Year 11 (Australian). I started declining invitations to things because I wanted time for video games and UA-stream in amongst all my school work. This just made me feel worse. I started getting tilted faster from losing games or being in stressful situations in said games, and I just started getting really depressed... then I recognised that I was having an issue and made it my New Year's Revolution to stop that behaviour. I haven't played League of Legends yet this year, and I have played minimal amounts of other games. I also found love, towards the end of last year, and that gave me a motive to keep pushing through the mud pools I find myself in. My New Year's resolution is still holding strong.

    Годину тому
  • C.I.A

    I’m pretty popular at school yet every time I talk to someone I feel lonely because no one understands me yet I understand about what they want you know?

    Годину тому
  • TrekPythonChild001

    This video hit right in the middle of my current quest to combat my crippling loneliness. When it came to the "what can I do to combat these feelings" portion of the video, I listened really closely. Turns out, I'm taking some of the exact right steps. I recently committed to attending a weekly board gaming meetup, and I've been feeling incrementally better ever since. I also recently dropped a toxic friend. Next step is to invite a couple of friends from work to hang out outside of work. It's only taken me thirty years, but I've finally realized that I CAN have only the healthy friendships that I want and engage in only the recreational interactions that I want, all entirely on my terms. If you're a self-sacrificing, people-pleasing, introverted, anxious, cataclysmic-thinking wreck of a person like me, DON'T GIVE UP! Break your hangups down into the smallest possible fears that they can be and take the time to really stew over whether or not those are things worth being fearful of. (I think you'll find they aren't.) Then, no matter how scared you are of that last little fear that's still getting in your way, power through it! I paced awkwardly around the board game group for a solid fifteen minutes before I finally forced myself through that final layer of fear and stumbled over to introduce myself. Now, each week, it's like rejoining with old friends. On that first visit, I had already reassured myself that if I had broken and fled in the next fifteen minutes, I could try again next week. No one would judge me for it, and I couldn't hold it against myself. I would have failed to strike up one single conversation at that one time on that one day. So what? I have literally infinite retries. No one is claiming that any of this is easy, or that you won't fail horribly. Just remember your social graces, accept every interaction at its face value, and take. it. slow. One misstep doesn't mean that the marathon's over.

    Годину тому
  • Harrison Ressler
    Harrison Ressler

    I remember when I was very isolated and alone, it very much reinforced and showed that: Your life is about your relationship with others (i.e your friends, family, gf/bf) Because when I was alone I felt very depressed. However, there is a way to be alone in a healthy way when you aren't mentally strong: Get a personal project, especially if it allows you to express yourself with your creative part of your brain. It helps you get a sense of self, and you feel genuinely good about feeling like an individual.

    Годину тому
  • prazol schleiden
    prazol schleiden

    Lol,i binge eat and smoke cigerrate when i am lonely. Just kidding,i am fine and very happy.

    Годину тому
  • D B
    D B

    This video seriously just changed my life... ima watch it at least once a day to remind myself that "it's ok".. Also.. does this video essentially cancel out the existence and validity of most mental illness? As in, most people are told they are "crazy" by doctors, taking pills they don't need, being sent to mental hospitals.. simply because they've been lonely for far too long?

    Годину тому
  • DylanGacha !
    DylanGacha !

    1 on trending 😎

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  • Da Nintendude
    Da Nintendude

    I knew I didn't have depression, or anything like that... but after watching this video I am honestly scared. I feel every symptom on here and more. I defend myself by shooting down any invitations. I avoid people. I have insecurities that grow more and more as time goes on... I'm a negative person, and I've become self-centered and selfish. I don't know what to do... I've seen myself come all this way. I've been trying to fix it. But it just seems impossible considering how narrow my tastes are, and the people that live in my area... Don't be like me. Don't let your loneliness grow this much. I can't believe that all these things I've been noticing for the last 5 years were my reactions to the loneliness I knew I had...

    Годину тому
  • Timothy Kennedy
    Timothy Kennedy

    Big loner!

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  • Lucas Pedro
    Lucas Pedro

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  • Temi Ajayi
    Temi Ajayi

    There are no birds. Is this really a Kurzgesagt video?

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    Shieda Kayn

    Anyone got this in their recommendation? #1 Trending here.

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