Harry Potter Real Age and Life Partners 2019

Harry Potter Real Age and Life Partners
In this video I will show you the cast of harry potter, I will show you their age and I will show you their relationship status
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  • chamber pink
    chamber pink

    Its kinda weird that erin darke is taller than daniel radcliffe...hahha...well height doesnt matter..😊😶

    2 години тому
  • Raven Gaming
    Raven Gaming

    Mathew Lewis is married

    14 годин тому
  • Ahmed Gamer
    Ahmed Gamer

    The closest one to me is drake malfoy

    15 годин тому
  • Larry Salvador
    Larry Salvador

    how bout the twins?

    19 годин тому
  • Ethelwen Greenleaf
    Ethelwen Greenleaf

    Wait... Umbridge is married to Carson ??!! xD Mrs Hughes will hear about this !!

    23 години тому
  • Ganon Dorf
    Ganon Dorf

    My Birthday is close to Imelda Staunton

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  • Alysarine Payne
    Alysarine Payne

    I like how it says that Matthew Lewis is dating and there are pictures of his wedding... he's married not just dating

    День тому
  • Kaelen Forberg
    Kaelen Forberg

    Harry is dating someone taller than him.

    День тому
  • Kaelen Forberg
    Kaelen Forberg

    Not snape!!! I did not know he passed!!!

    День тому
  • Rebecca Hughes
    Rebecca Hughes

    Cho Chang is so pretty 💙

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  • Avah Cathey
    Avah Cathey

    I think Emma Watson’s birthday is closer to mine... my birthday is tomorrow

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  • Avah Cathey
    Avah Cathey

    Anyone else cry when Alan came up?

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    День тому
  • Alexis Reynolds
    Alexis Reynolds

    Wait... Dumbledore is a cheater?!

    День тому
  • kärt liiva
    kärt liiva


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  • Layda Love
    Layda Love

    My birthday is close Fleur's birthday!😊😊

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  • Rebecca Hughes
    Rebecca Hughes

    Layda Love My birthday is 31 of October 😂

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  • Tegan Nappari
    Tegan Nappari

    Katie Leung. I'm July 9, 1987. But hey, my little sister is August 28, 1988, Rupert Grint was born 4 days before her. And my mom is August 28, 1959. The guy who plays Mr Weasley is 6 days before her. A little ironic.

    День тому
  • Chuck Lewis
    Chuck Lewis

    Who cares?

    День тому
  • latte latte
    latte latte

    Rest in peace, Alan Rest in peace😇

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  • chronic Olaf
    chronic Olaf

    I hate to break it to you but this person is bad at math

    2 дні тому
  • HoneyHopey

    Rest In Peace, For our beloved movie actors who passed away, Lots Of Love. 💛💛💛

    2 дні тому
  • Moriah Gacha
    Moriah Gacha

    Whoa wait.... Dumbledore is married, yet, he's dating?

    2 дні тому
  • Gaia McCurdy
    Gaia McCurdy

    Wtf Dumbledore is dating someone and is married!

    2 дні тому
  • Ludovic Sarrazin
    Ludovic Sarrazin

    Albus Dumbeldore=Player

    2 дні тому
  • Addy Becken
    Addy Becken

    Vernon is the closest to my birthday

    2 дні тому
  • Helen Meaney
    Helen Meaney

    I have the same birthday as Lucius Malfoy but I was born a lot later than him...

    2 дні тому
  • Jade Omwenga
    Jade Omwenga

    Damn Matthew just.....damn

    2 дні тому
  • R&E旅遊VLOG /貓咪手做DIY
    R&E旅遊VLOG /貓咪手做DIY

    Who else thinks bellatrix is soooo beautiful when she was young (she’s still pretty now

    2 дні тому
  • Hey its yo girl Nat
    Hey its yo girl Nat

    It must be awkward them kissing and then there gf/bf watching Harry Potter 😂😂✨💕

    3 дні тому
  • Anonymous

    Rupert come on!!

    3 дні тому
  • Eliot Macabeo
    Eliot Macabeo

    Tom Felton looks like ninja

    3 дні тому
  • Jordan Bentham
    Jordan Bentham

    Bonus points for being born in March??🤣

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  • Fabian Giannecchini
    Fabian Giannecchini

    Dudley Dursley

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  • Wan Kamilia zahirah covers Zahirah
    Wan Kamilia zahirah covers Zahirah

    My birthday is 20 march and david thewlis is the exact birthday as mine🤯

    3 дні тому
  • Sophie Bell
    Sophie Bell

    Guys Dumbeldore is NOT marrried and dating there are 2 actors that played him! True Harry Potter fans should know this (the first one died....so rlly idk if that counts that they are still married/dating)

    3 дні тому
  • Sea Wolf14721
    Sea Wolf14721

    Wait is dumbledore cheating cuz he is married to someone and dating someone

    4 дні тому
  • The Accountant Road
    The Accountant Road

    One of the greatest movies of all time I've ever watched.The excruciating part of the Deathly Hallows 2 brought me an impact knowingly this would be the end of the J.K Rowling's novel.Hoping there would be another sequel of the story that would deals with the new rise of wizardry and witchcraft to the next generation.

    4 дні тому
  • Cathrine Cryer
    Cathrine Cryer

    Lots of single pringles in there at the moment Was there any birthdays at the end of October? Let me know down there 👇🏻

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  • Bailey Muscha
    Bailey Muscha

    Dudley hates Harry, Dudley is Harry......Mind Blown!

    4 дні тому
  • Cosas de Experiencia
    Cosas de Experiencia

    Omg good video

    4 дні тому
  • Angel Angel
    Angel Angel

    11:21 Who'se Birthdays Is Closest To Yours? Mine is mad-eye moody ours is on the exact same date 29th March!!!

    4 дні тому
  • Hufflepuff _nay
    Hufflepuff _nay

    Did you guys notice that there’s two Dumbledores? In the first few movies there was a different Dumbledore, he past away so they replaced him

    4 дні тому
  • Bernard Bunner
    Bernard Bunner

    Honestly I am sad Snape died he was a great actor

    4 дні тому
  • Mayur Makode
    Mayur Makode

    You forgot about the twin brother's

    4 дні тому
  • ShadowXo Gacha
    ShadowXo Gacha

    Harry Potter!! 🅹🆄🅻🆈 6

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    Bokokina Gogaladze


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    Julia Pylaeva

    Обожаю Малфоя💕мм... просто не могу ❤️❤️

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    Autumn Waters

    So evannah

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  • Autumn Waters
    Autumn Waters

    Evannah has the same bday as me my bday is august 16 2007

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  • Sunny Dutta roy
    Sunny Dutta roy

    I'm here to see parvati and her sister

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  • Ambre Simplement
    Ambre Simplement

    Voldemort est super beau en vrai 😍😍❤😂

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  • Poorna Durgam
    Poorna Durgam


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  • valda vieira
    valda vieira

    Fred and Jorge Weasley?

    5 днів тому
  • Nabira Rehan Sarwar
    Nabira Rehan Sarwar

    Uhhhhh............. is it just me or is this pic just horrible of Mr. Weasley while he was young at 5:12

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  • Rose Leung
    Rose Leung

    Emma Waston!!! My birthday is on April 14th her birthday is not April 15th

    6 днів тому
  • 王涛

    I totally forgot about Dumbledore! And it says that he has a wife, but is dating someone else???

    6 днів тому
  • msp: meama
    msp: meama

    My birthday is on 21.07. And harry potters 23.07.

    6 днів тому
  • Shahad AlAwadhi
    Shahad AlAwadhi

    Nonononononononono Tom Felton and Emma Watson are not in relationships that’s why people started again with the dramoine thing. I ship it too 😆😏 R.I.P Alan Rickman we loved you

    6 днів тому
  • Gokul Naveen
    Gokul Naveen

    My birthday is closer to Draco Malfoy's birthday

    6 днів тому
  • Gokul Naveen
    Gokul Naveen

    Minerva is the oldest

    6 днів тому
  • Sarah Tan
    Sarah Tan

    Even though all of them grew up a lot, but I think the one who grew most handsome is still Daniel oRadcliffe and most beautiful Emma Watson :) (no offense to the rest, just my personal feeling and opinion, really)

    6 днів тому
  • LilianaAndAngie

    My birthday is 13 days away From Daniels (Harry potter in the movie!)Wow omg what!?!? Edit:seriously im so suprised.Oh and RIP Alen (i think i Forgot but i think Alen Rickman is snape...)

    6 днів тому
  • LilianaAndAngie

    AHHH i never get likes plz.and i have 2 subscribers..😭😭

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  • C•o•r•i•e M•a•l•i•s•t•i•c P•o•t•t•e•r
    C•o•r•i•e M•a•l•i•s•t•i•c P•o•t•t•e•r

    Nobody cares that Vernon died? (His actor)

    6 днів тому
  • C•o•r•i•e M•a•l•i•s•t•i•c P•o•t•t•e•r
    C•o•r•i•e M•a•l•i•s•t•i•c P•o•t•t•e•r

    Wait, so Gary was actually 43/44 when he played Sirius for the first time?...

    6 днів тому
  • C•o•r•i•e M•a•l•i•s•t•i•c P•o•t•t•e•r
    C•o•r•i•e M•a•l•i•s•t•i•c P•o•t•t•e•r

    Gary really is and Old man...

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  • Yoloverx

    I share my birthday with zoe wanamaker and harry melling

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    Nina Ignet

    What is this music?🎶🎧🎵

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  • enia xhacka
    enia xhacka

    I feel so bad for alan a grear actor

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  • Ambra Nightwatcher
    Ambra Nightwatcher

    draco malfoys birthday is closest to mine ;-;

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    tran thuong

    Katie leung is closed birthday with my

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    Gita Giri

    Daniel birthday is closed to me 21july

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    Nadia Jackowska

    My dad shares a birthday with him

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    Hachio Nguyễn

    Emma was 13/4 and I'm 10/4

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  • Himali Udeshi
    Himali Udeshi

    Woww dudleys name is Harry.

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  • Augustu_k S
    Augustu_k S

    I was born the same tai like rupert grint!!!!!❤️❤️❤️

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    Adithya Mohan

    Ginny Weasley is closest to mine😊😊😊

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    Anna Zablith

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    Isyaa 98

    I miss harry potter film😭

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    Andrei Lazarev


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    OBO !

    my is Dumbledore

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    Sebastiano Sorrenti

    My birthday is on the 15th of April so Emma...

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    Jul DoReMi

    My birthday closest to the birthday of Ginny Weasley / Bonnie 😍😍😍😍😍

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    Shekhiabdul Shekhiabdul

    Harry birthday is closest to me

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  • Mrs. Karrot
    Mrs. Karrot

    Aunt petunia is um..... um....... lesbian?😕😮 I have nothing against lesbians but im just suprised that *she* is

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  • Denise Deriu
    Denise Deriu

    Sirius black is my favorite

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  • Maddog Playz
    Maddog Playz

    How is Dumbledore dating and he’s married!! NA NE!!

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    Rhythmic Elegance

    My birthday is very close to Katie’s 🦁

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    Thillai Natarajan

    RIP Alan Rickman

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    Reagan Millett

    Wait so He is cheating? XD

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  • Allison Sun
    Allison Sun

    How is dumblue dore married to someone then dating someone Sorry for the spelling mistake

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    Sapana Studio

    Alan Rickman is Very Good Actor ...I miss you always 😑😑😑 Rip

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    Ruby Acexx

    Wait dumbledor is married and dating huh

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    lola’s WORLD

    naci el mismo dia q voldemort🤣🤣

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  • MD Faruk
    MD Faruk

    It's very sad that severus is no more😖😖

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  • Angel tia
    Angel tia

    My Birthday '25 April 1990',& her B'day '15 April 1990' which is almost match😎 with Hermione granger wow😊....! I am very happy & also she's my favourite actress. Wish u a very happy Birthday Emma.

    10 днів тому
  • MsRavenousWolf

    The only two people whose age matches mine is Bonnie and Evanne

    10 днів тому
  • Jea Vlog PH
    Jea Vlog PH

    ᴠᴏʟᴅᴇᴍᴏʀᴛ's ʜᴀɴᴅsᴏᴍᴇ...ᴅᴏɴᴛ ᴇxᴘᴇᴄᴛ ᴛʜᴀᴛ ʜᴇ ʜᴀs ᴀ ᴘᴇʀғᴇᴄᴛ ɴᴏsᴇ ʜᴜʜ?ʜᴍᴍ.ᴍ

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    Lara Hazar

    Emmas b-day my b-day is on the 14th of april

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    shine life

    Harry's birthday is same as mine. Only 2years older than me

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    Artistas lesvianas

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