Guess That Cheesy Infomercial (GAME)

Remember the lost art of judging cheesy infomercials? Relive the magic with these questionable product clips! GMM #1531
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  • Estrella Casias
    Estrella Casias

    Fun fun FUNSLIDES

    День тому
  • Mary Frances Forbes
    Mary Frances Forbes

    5:52 who else new immediately that they were fun slides because of danny gonzales😂😂

    2 дні тому
  • Elizabeth Pecorilli
    Elizabeth Pecorilli

    Come to ATL!!!

    2 дні тому
  • Kayagorzan

    *FUN SLIDES* Danny covered that

    3 дні тому
  • αlσhα αєѕthєtícѕ
    αlσhα αєѕthєtícѕ

    What’s weird is that I already have fun slides 😂

    4 дні тому
  • Christie Harrison
    Christie Harrison

    My daddy loves your videos

    4 дні тому
  • Scum

    I love Rhett's shirt

    4 дні тому
  • Wolf queen _789
    Wolf queen _789

    7:17 lol my Powerade came in my nose lol

    5 днів тому
  • Kylina Crap
    Kylina Crap

    When I called a teacher mom, I just continue to call them mom and it becomes a thing.

    5 днів тому
  • CreamiGacha

    *”iT’s LiKe a ToY yOU cAn eAtTtTtttTtT”*

    5 днів тому
  • Chester Carpenter
    Chester Carpenter

    Put YOUR hotdog into the happy hotdog man...

    6 днів тому
  • Hillary Clinton's Snuke
    Hillary Clinton's Snuke

    Wow, Rhett has really tiny hands

    6 днів тому
  • Gage Kelly
    Gage Kelly

    Once I said mom instead of teacher and milk instead of water inthe same sentence

    7 днів тому
  • 자매월광

    i didn’t like the insid of the fish

    8 днів тому
  • Work_Smarter


    9 днів тому
  • Dylan Cuthbert
    Dylan Cuthbert

    I’ve seen a few of these on Danny Gonzalez’s channel and knew which were real

    9 днів тому
  • Freezey

    Is that Overwatch music at 9:00 ?

    9 днів тому
  • Allie Eglinton
    Allie Eglinton

    I want Rhett and link to come to Auckland New Zealand some time this year please>

    10 днів тому
  • FroEn KE
    FroEn KE

    when you already know all of the products

    11 днів тому
  • Kiwi Yackey
    Kiwi Yackey

    i got 5/6 right 👍😂😂

    11 днів тому

    Is salt lake City in Calcutta ?

    11 днів тому
  • TheVR Person
    TheVR Person

    i live in indiana but i cant come i have to go see washington again

    12 днів тому
  • Marilyn Loewen
    Marilyn Loewen

    11:12 when sitting watching this video with a Bluetooth headset

    13 днів тому
  • Hazem Helmy
    Hazem Helmy

    I knew 1 from matpat

    14 днів тому
  • Derek Stevens
    Derek Stevens

    Al bundy created brightfeet years ago

    14 днів тому
  • Sky

    I remember fun slides from my childhood 😂

    15 днів тому
  • XxCottoncandy gachaxX
    XxCottoncandy gachaxX

    I think its bad that I’ve seen the second one before lol

    15 днів тому
  • Miss Cassandra
    Miss Cassandra

    25 feet distance for the bright feet? Hahaha yeah right!! You’d be lucky to get 6 feet with something so small !!

    15 днів тому
  • random_person _on_the_internet
    random_person _on_the_internet

    Phone relief - modern headset. Brightfeet - phone 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃

    15 днів тому
  • briana savage
    briana savage

    I OWNED FUN SLIDES ( I just spent an hour looking for them to no avail )

    16 днів тому
  • Bella Porter
    Bella Porter


    16 днів тому
  • Jeanie Baird
    Jeanie Baird

    “There should be a show on Netflix of just old commercials”. Demolition Man?

    16 днів тому
  • Amber Cooper
    Amber Cooper

    Look up the "go jo" it's a new shoulder holder

    16 днів тому
  • darkSorceror


    16 днів тому
  • Mutah

    That music started perfectly 2:30

    16 днів тому
  • Ali Kat
    Ali Kat

    I wanted those fun slides so badly when I was a kid

    16 днів тому
  • briankulbaba

    I saw that hotdog one

    17 днів тому
  • Liane bec
    Liane bec

    I knew it was fun slides because of Danny Gonzalez

    17 днів тому
  • Konner Dent
    Konner Dent

    A lot of the fake options feel like Amy Brells products.

    17 днів тому
  • M + I Inventions and crafts
    M + I Inventions and crafts

    Omg you’re on tour in my home draw on my brothers birthday

    18 днів тому
  • Daniel P.
    Daniel P.

    Rhett's shirt is amazing! Does anyone know which brand it is / where to buy?

    18 днів тому
  • Teonna Fields
    Teonna Fields

    i like rhett

    18 днів тому
  • Linus Matti
    Linus Matti

    3:08 it’s like a toy you can eat replay button

    18 днів тому
  • Emma Medina
    Emma Medina

    These are one of the only tours that happens on my birthday June 22

    18 днів тому
  • Ruby Robertson
    Ruby Robertson

    Why would someone name a hot dog product “The Hot Dad”?

    18 днів тому
  • ImportsInArms

    I had the fun slides as a kid! yeah. They were dangerous AF

    19 днів тому
  • Klmp13

    I have seen way too many infomercials... this wasn't even a challenge XD

    19 днів тому
  • Carrus DeBoard
    Carrus DeBoard

    Some of these things are on jacksepticeyes funniest home videos

    19 днів тому
  • AnnieAlpaca H
    AnnieAlpaca H

    Omg I still have those fun slides

    19 днів тому
  • Kimberley W
    Kimberley W


    19 днів тому
  • Clara Popa
    Clara Popa

    im a fan of good mythical morning since 5 years ago like if too

    19 днів тому
  • Jonnah L
    Jonnah L


    19 днів тому
  • Sheridan Flood
    Sheridan Flood


    20 днів тому
  • Emily Marie
    Emily Marie

    We had fun slides😂😂😂😂

    20 днів тому
  • Ben Jones
    Ben Jones

    7:19 oh

    20 днів тому
  • Darrian Weathington
    Darrian Weathington

    I remember all these infomercials. And even back then, all i could say was... WHY!?

    20 днів тому
  • Arthas Menethil
    Arthas Menethil

    Whoever comes up with these products are the dumbest people on the planet.

    20 днів тому
  • Morgan Misc
    Morgan Misc

    Did anyone else have the Fun Slides?? So dangerous lol

    20 днів тому
  • Morgan James
    Morgan James

    WHAT... thats how Americans say chamois? 😂

    21 день тому
  • James Hennessy
    James Hennessy

    Being home schooled my teacher is my mom. So.

    21 день тому
  • Joe Potts
    Joe Potts

    9:10 TOGA! TOGA! TOGA!

    21 день тому
  • Ferretsinc

    I wanted fun slides so bad

    21 день тому
  • Emotochan 3
    Emotochan 3

    I knew a ton of these cuz of childhood, cartoon network. Jacksepticeye, GTLive, and Danny Gonalez lolz

    21 день тому
  • Garrett Brown
    Garrett Brown

    10:53 Jessie Spano, is that you?

    22 дні тому
  • guage

    Why did I literally know all of these

    22 дні тому
  • Kaiya brown
    Kaiya brown

    Go to Florida GD

    22 дні тому
  • Carmen Calvanese
    Carmen Calvanese


    22 дні тому
  • Carlillay K
    Carlillay K

    I wanted the fun slides but my mom always told me no cus I'm already clumsy

    22 дні тому
  • lola chambers
    lola chambers

    0:42 of link is great

    22 дні тому
  • sonic the rockstar
    sonic the rockstar

    Fgffhfdfgjjg him go by frick on gg I jggfggkj hi dhkhff go to ddfhnggjkgfujg

    22 дні тому
  • Sally W.
    Sally W.

    1:26 is the most adorable Link moment. ❤

    22 дні тому
  • SchizoidApollo

    Link laughed at his own "nickname in highschool" XD

    23 дні тому
  • Sam TheMan
    Sam TheMan

    Anyone else have fun slides?

    23 дні тому
  • mr solodolosfro
    mr solodolosfro

    The bright feet also have the feature of cleaning all the stuff you were originally tripping over

    23 дні тому
  • TheCrazyMango82

    Is links shirt gmm merch? I love it so much

    23 дні тому
  • Nicky Rose
    Nicky Rose

    9:44 i fell of my chair laughing my ass off

    23 дні тому
  • peaches kitty cat
    peaches kitty cat

    You guys are coming to my state in June which is my birthday month...I might cry😂

    23 дні тому
  • badluckk

    oh! It’s a little man!!

    23 дні тому
  • We Remotely Low
    We Remotely Low

    Watching Mike Jeavon's Infomercialism series allowed me to ace this.

    23 дні тому

    3:09 those teeth tho

    24 дні тому
  • Rio Helms
    Rio Helms

    My birthday is June 26

    24 дні тому
  • Aiden Cason
    Aiden Cason

    Didnt they already post this???

    24 дні тому
  • JingleJams

    *when you live in Milwaukee wi but’re broke* Hope you guys have fun here! Nothing happens but...yeeahhh

    24 дні тому
  • Outsmoke

    They need to give Link help like with darts. Give him some 50/50s or something from WWTBA Millionaire

    24 дні тому
  • Andrew Woodrich
    Andrew Woodrich

    Y’all need to come to Louisiana

    24 дні тому
  • Aaron howell
    Aaron howell

    is it bad i remember these infomercials? lol

    24 дні тому
  • Jenny VanderPas
    Jenny VanderPas

    I knew all of these because I watch too much TV!

    24 дні тому
  • Brooklyn Younger
    Brooklyn Younger

    Come to Portland Oregon!!!!!

    24 дні тому
  • Garrett Williams
    Garrett Williams

    I actually saw the funslides ad on cartoon network awhile back

    24 дні тому
  • sierra johnson
    sierra johnson

    Anyone else thought of the line “it’s like a toy that you can eat!” When Rhett made the vasectomy joke?

    24 дні тому
  • Triest Wright
    Triest Wright

    Commercial kings commenting on commercials wasn't this a show? Lol

    25 днів тому
  • Flame Drawz
    Flame Drawz

    hold up you're gonna be in my city somewhere in june?

    25 днів тому
  • alpha esniper
    alpha esniper

    Like si no entiendes pero los ves

    25 днів тому
  • I've seen shit
    I've seen shit

    I was the phone Gary in my house, my name isn’t Gary but that’s besides the point

    25 днів тому
  • ChaoswarriorX

    You should watch the newer shoulder holder commercials, there's a part where they put a 5 lb laptop on their face

    25 днів тому
  • ChaoswarriorX

    Link had a hard childhood.

    25 днів тому
  • Jayamila Persson
    Jayamila Persson

    NO Link you dont play air gitarr YOU play air banjo.

    25 днів тому
  • Candace Reed
    Candace Reed

    \o/ | / \ period

    25 днів тому
  • Austin Papson
    Austin Papson

    Do you guys not care about people down south getting to see y'all!?! I wouldn't mind it if you guys came a little closer 😂😂

    25 днів тому

    Ahhh this episode was incredible lololol

    25 днів тому